Motivate You has a range of Services available to Disability Service Providers and People with Disabilities.

Programs are customised using a person-centered approach, whilst also balancing this with the financial needs of the organisation. The following services can be used as simultaneously as well as “stand-alone”.

  • “Fun-Fit” Program - This program is delivered mainly in small groups by highly trained and experienced Personal Trainers in disability services.
  • Individual Fitness Programs – This Program is delivered to individuals with significant health support needs.
  • Activity & Nutrition Seminars and Workshops – Aimed at educating service users and support staff in the most appropriate nutrition and exercise options for people with disabilities
  • Healthy Lifestyles Programs – A comprehensive program where support staff and service users learn and practically apply the knowledge including meal planning, reading shopping labels, food preparation and exercise.
  • Consultancy service – A program where the management and support staff are provided the highest quality tools, systems and coaching to lay the foundations for success.
  • Professional Keynote Speaking
  • Online Fitness Equipment
  • Affiliated Services – Massage, Relaxation and Meditation for People with Disabilities, Music Therapy.
  • Aged - Care Programs
  • Programs for People with a Mental illness

These Programs are currently running in Accommodation, Day Programs, and Individually Funded Programs.

How many people can participate per session?

The average number is between 8-12, though we have had larger groups.

Do your programs cater for all disabilities?

Yes, our programs are tailored in order to suit each individual need. We work with people with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, quadrapelia, paraplegia. We also work with all other disability types such as Down’s Syndrome, Autism, and as well as people with a mental illness.

How do people with Disabilities Benefit from your Programs?

  • Health Benefits: Avoiding obesity and all the associated health risks, including Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pressure, breathing difficulties, digestive disorders, sleep apnoea, urinary incontinence.
  • Psychological Benefits: Reducing the risk of Psychological problems, such as depression, poor self esteem, negative self image, discrimination
  • Social benefits. Reducing the risk of social isolation.
  • Increased strength: cardiovascular health, and flexibility.
  • Move more freely, live longer, and better general well-being.
  • Programs are Person-Centered.
  • Programs are measurable and outcome- based.

What if I’m already running my own exercise/fitness program?

Are you implementing a program, which is safe and suitable? Have you considered the legalities? Are you qualified to develop and implement your program? What Training have your staff had in implementing your program? There are various issues that you may have not taken into consideration! Risk Assessments, Safety and Injury prevention, Individual Client Assessments and Varied Fitness Options are just some factors in which Motivate You have expertise.