Who are we?

Who is Motivate You Disability Fitness Services?

Motivate You Disability Fitness Services is a multi-award winning professional business that specialises in working with People with Disabilities. Our programs are planned, structured, modified and customised to people with disabilities. Safety and injury prevention are also at the cornerstone of our philosophy and practice.

Over 20 Years experience working with Disabilities

Motivate You was established in 2007, by Ariel Gonzalez who worked in the disability field for 20 years. Ariel witnessed the poor health outcomes and options for people with disabilities. With qualifications in Psychology and Fitness, Ariel researched and developed a unique and specific program that incorporates nutrition and exercises based on the person and their disability.

A variety of partners and programs

Motivate You has partnerships with a number of Disability Service Providers across a variety of programs including Accommodation, Day Programs, Flexible Respite and Individually-funded packages.



It is important to understand how important health is for everyone and not excluding those with Disabilites.

See how motivate you is helping to enpower people with disabilites to improve their health and quallity of lives throught their possitive, friendly and realistic training programs.

This short video shows how positive health and fitness training can greatly impact on our clients well being.